Cool Technology in Cars

Driving your automobile is an exciting adventure as new technology brings so many new possibilities in your automobile. If you’ve yet to discover these technologies, what are you waiting for? Visit and you’re sure to be impressed. But, until you’re able to go out and discover them on your own, here are some cool technology gadgets that you’ll be glad to see and use.

BMW Smartwatch App

The Samsung smartwatch controls the driverless BMW i3 vehicle. It is an easy to use app that is installed to back the vehicle up and park it. The car will also pick you up with the push of a button. Although you need the BMW automobile to use this app, it is incredible to see it in action.

Hyundai Smartwatch App

Hyundai also has a smartwatch app that was revealed at a car conference in late 2015. In early 2016, Hyundai released the app to use with their futuristic car. The app allows the user to find their vehicle, check the status of the car, and remote flash the headlights.

BMW Tablet

BMW partnered with Samsung to develop their own tablet. The tablet is connected via Wi-Fi and when it is used, passengers in the vehicle can enjoy a variety of features and functions, including entertainment and information, climate control functions, and tons more.

City Safety

Released by Volvo, City Safety is an awesome feature that promises to reduce the number of low speed collisions. The feature works when the vehicle is traveling at speeds of 19 mph or less, alerting stalled and slow moving vehicles in front.

Technology continues to bring great things our way, as noted in the new car technology products listed above. These are just a handful of the many awesome technology gadgets you can explore.